Meet the team

The WatchMyGear team brings a wealth of experience in developing successful SaaS projects such as Sharesight and AddressFinder. The team are a part of Abletech Ltd, a software development company based in Wellington, which specialises in web and mobile applications. Abletech has a seven year history of delivering outstanding products.

Every team needs a team leader. For Watch My Gear that's Carl. It's his business to help you get on with your business. He’s also the Customer Advocate and Product Champion. Carl loves the way technology can inform us in real-time and move a business experience from normal to exceptional. Real knowledge leads to real efficiency. He likens it to his mountain bike rides where heart-rate and GPS technology instantly adds the x-factor.

Working from Wellington

Wellington is the tech hub of New Zealand. In amongst the offices of technology darlings Trademe and Xero, reside a huge number of technology companies and local experts who are snapped up by the likes of Google. We love working and playing here. At the end of our work days we head to the beach, or the mountain bike parks that surround our wonderful city. But when all is said and done, the beauty of cloud based solutions such as WatchMyGear is that it doesn't matter where we are, or you for that matter, anywhere in the world WatchMyGear will help you keep track of all your company assets. Easy as easy.

The short story of WatchMyGear

After a bunch of client requests for customised, industry specific asset tracking tools, we started to think it was a bit crazy re-inventing the wheel for every client who came knocking.

We discovered a few generic, off-the-shelf tools, but they came with specialised hardware requirements, hefty price tags and set up effort... Nothing that would suit the companies we were talking to.

We also knew the manual Excel and paper­based systems that they currently were using weren't cutting it either and decided it was time to put our skills to work.