Track all your transportable assets.

From big business to sole traders and everything in between, WatchMyGear helps you keep track of your portaloos, pot plants, portable fencing, trailers, bins... anything really. Whatever your assets and wherever you move them, we've got them covered.

Hiring and leasing

Sick of lost, misplaced and stagnant assets? Spending hours manually managing spreadsheets, with no overall picture of where your assets are or if they are being well utilised?

Whether you manage skips, portable toilets, appliances, medical, outdoor, sporting, gardening and cleaning equipment, tools or anything in between, as long as you can stick on a code, you can track it with WatchMyGear.

You can now spend the time you will be saving analysing trends and comparing performance of different assets and business units.

Internal asset management

Want to know where your mobile assets are and what gear is at each project site? Need to track medical, construction or office equipment across multiple locations or ensure you’re not stockpiling assets in one location?

WatchMyGear gives you transparency over where equipment currently is and audit trails of where it’s been and who moved it so nothing falls between the cracks.

We make your job easier

Get the most out of your assets and your time whilst keeping your customers and staff happy and informed.

General Managers

WatchMyGear makes it really easy to keep track of assets, so you can use your time more effectively. Make more informed and strategic decisions to maximise asset utilisation and use the information at your fingertips to minimise losses and stagnation. Compare performance across company departments and asset types and analyse usage trends to make better future resourcing decisions.

Operations Managers

At a glance, see where all your assets are located, how long they have been there and what is currently available to service new customer requests. With WatchMyGear you will also have a history of asset utilisation helping identify assets not providing maximum return from an operations perspective and plan for future company and client requests.

Identify assets that are under-performing or over-represented in losses and damage and get real-time infromation on asset deliveries.

Delivery Drivers

One tap scanning of assets gives you the quickest, most accurate method of capturing the new location of an asset, so you can get back on the road.

WatchMyGear enables you to get on with the job and keep everyone up to date with delivery activity all in real time.