Simple and powerful asset tracking.

Simply scan your assets after you've moved them and let WatchMyGear do the rest. Replace spreadsheets and paperwork with real-time updates and insightful reporting, and get a complete picture of your asset locations at a glance.

Weather resistant QR code stickers

Order weather resistant QR code stickers that you simply stick on your assets in an obvious, easily scannable position. If you’re already using a barcode system, stick with it, WatchMyGear can scan any unique QR Code sticker or barcode.

Try it out for free: start tracking with our free Standard plan, then simply download and print the PDF of QR Codes and you'll see how it works.

Scan assets with your android phone

Download the WatchMyGear Android App and connect to your company account. Hold your phone to a QR Code sticker or barcode to scan and record its new location. If unable to scan an asset for whatever reason, simply tap to manually add the 4 letter code.

Scanning multiple assets at once? No problem! As soon as one scan is completed, WatchMyGear is ready for the next one. No tapping, no waiting and no one outside your company can see your scans.

Send scans back to your web dashboard

WatchMyGear uses the inbuilt GPS tracking capability of your Android smartphone to record asset locations. New locations are immediately recorded with no typing. Your phone’s mobile or wireless connection immediately sends scan information to your web dashboard.

No reception, No problem!

If you have no mobile coverage or access to a wireless network, scan information is stored on your smartphone until coverage is restored. The same goes for new locations and assets. Anything that can’t be automatically determined, can be manually selected with just a couple of taps.

Insightful, real-time reporting

Portaloo – 1:30pm
Skip Bin – 2:20pm
Cherry Picker – 10:23am

Real-time web monitoring

Watch scans arrive on your Web Dashboard in real-time and click to add detail or fix mistakes. Add details to scans made at unknown locations and keep track of progress on delivery schedules. The big picture and individual asset details are always at your fingertips, so easy to find the closest match for an emergency request.

Utilisation and outlier reporting

You decide how you want to manage new clients and assets. There’s no need to manually enter all your assets and clients up front, just do it on the fly! When an asset is scanned for the first time or in a new location, simply add a few basic details and new information is immediately added to your web dashboard. If you want to set things up in advance, or to fix up mistakes, everything is editable from your web dashboard.

Two minute account setup

We take you step by step through your account setup. Download trial QR Codes, order QR Code stickers, or use your own; set up asset categories specific to your business; add users and the permissions they have. You're then ready to scan your assets with the WatchMyGear mobile app or manually adding assets into your web dashboard... The choice is yours.

Simple user management

WatchMyGear fits into your organisation structure. Whether all people access all areas, or if you seperate administration and operations, set the permissions you want for the users you have. All your information is securely stored, and all users need a password to access the web and mobile apps.