Simple and

Ditch your manual paper or spreadsheet based
asset tracking system

Slap a QR code sticker on every asset you want to track, then scan them with the WatchMyGear Android app after every move. Updated location details are automatically sent to your web dashboard so you always have the most accurate information at your fingertips. Get more out of your data with real-time map visualisation, analytics and reporting.

Stick QR code stickers on your assets

When you join a plan, we send you a complimentary packet of weather resistant QR code stickers to get you started, or you can use existing barcodes on your assets. All you need to do is stick them in an obvious spot on each asset where it will be easy to scan. WatchMyGear allows you to then link that unique QR code sticker with the individual asset.

Scan assets with your phone

Download the Android App and login to your company account. Then simply hold your phone to a QR code sticker or barcode of an asset. Using the GPS in the phone and a wifi or mobile network, WatchMyGear sends the location of each scan to your web dashboard. If there is no wifi or mobile coverage, the location is stored on your phone until a network connection is found.

Track assets via web dashboard

As scans are made, the new locations of the respective assets immediately pop up in your web dashboard with the ability to view asset locations on a map or in list format. WatchMyGear becomes more powerful with inbuilt data filtering and visualisation. This takes the raw data producing real-time analytics and reporting providing valuable insight for operational and strategic decisions. This helps in increasing business sustainability, increased asset utilisation, with missing and misplaced assets being a thing of the past.